Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday's the perfect day for bitterness.

I think I'm going to make "Things I Hate" a regular post on this blog, because let's be honest, I hate a lot of stuff, if not MOST things in the world. Here's today's round-up. This is easier than me spending money on therapy; we all know it.

1. Prince writes a song in honor of the Minnesota Vikings. I love the Vikings, OK? I'm going to jump on any Brett Favre-helmed bandwagon, and I will be rooting for them to trash the Saints on Sunday. And I adore Prince; my boyfriend always bitches when I try to sneak watching "Purple Rain" on his TV. But look, the idea of Prince, the man who wears clothes like this,

and Brett Favre, one of the manliest men ever,

somehow meshing worlds is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Seriously. I know Favre has cried in public and everything, but I don't think he'd do it for the Mighty Purple One, you know?

2. I knew Heidi Montag has succeeded in becoming totally nasty, but I didn't know that the next season of "The Hills" will also focus on all of her plastic surgeries? Because that's gross. Like, she looks awful.

And I already have a love-hate relationship with "The Hills," so did I really need more reasons? Sigh, CUZ NOW I HAVE THEM.

3. There's something about this picture of Lucy Lawless at the New York premiere of the movie "Extraordinary Measures" that is really skeeving me out. Doesn't she look weirdly thin, and isn't that pink kind of a nasty Pepto Bismol-like shade?

She doesn't look as awful as Brendan Fraser's hair, but still.

Aren't these people rich? Can't they manage to look better?

4. Did anyone else know that this film, "Season of the Witch," was happening? Because teaser pictures for the movie were just released, and holy shit, Nicolas Cage needs to stop making movies. He is TOO OLD AND HAGGARD to be playing young, dashing knights.

That shit is not a good look!

5. Neither is this, btw.

Amber Rose, you never cease to boggle my mind. Or inspire my upchuck reflex. Definitely both.

+ Photos courtesy of TV One Blogs, NY Daily News, Rites of Patches, OMG! Yahoo, ABC News, Dlisted

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  1. I'm so out of touch I barely know who these ppl are--never seen the Hills but from the before/after photos of this Heidi person, she's obviously got body dysmorphic disorder.