Sunday, January 17, 2010

Today's stupid things, in three short moments:

1. Nicolas Cage owes the IRS $14 million in taxes. How did the federal government JUST NOTICE THIS? Functionally retarded. Yeah, I like Obama and everything, but STILL.

Also, is this Nicolas Cage's actual body? Because fucking EW.

2. Apparently it's fashionable this spring to wear an ear cuff with some kind of faux-Gremlin on it.

I don't ... understand. I also don't think I want to.

3. OK, this last "stupid thing" is basically my own idiocy, because I want these dumb shoes (in both gray suede and black leather; duh).

Yeah, yeah, no better than the Gremlin. I know; I do what I can to spend my money as dumbly as possible. It's a talent.

+ Photo courtesy of HitDawall, Rachel Roy, Need Supply

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