Monday, January 11, 2010

Today's WTF moments, brought to you by me.

So while I'm watching Amir Sadollah (this guy) unleash a smackdown on Brad Blackburn (this other guy) on UFC Fight Night on Spike, I'm also canvassing a list of today's most ridiculous news. Why? Because there was a lot of it. Trust me.

1. The No Pants Subway Ride went down worldwide this weekend. I'm usually OK with people doing whatever they went on subways, especially because on the Metro in Washington, D.C., I'm a big fan of chomping on snacks, despite the no-food rule. However, as a person who thoroughly enjoys snacks, I also recognize that sometimes people NEED PANTS.

Like, really? I don't want to see all of your nudity/cellulite/thighs. Quit that shit! I hate having to think about other people's fat bits when I'm sitting on a Metro seat that probably has been brushed against by your nude lardness. Sigh, nast.

2. The Associated Press wrote some story today with the headline "Some see racist theme in alien adventure 'Avatar,'" and all I have to say is, REALLY? Honestly? Of course people fucking saw racist themes in "Avatar." It's a movie about white colonization in an alien-populated planet, where all the people are really athletic and connected with the Earth. I'm not saying that they're supposed to be black, or at least NATIVES of some kind, but ... OK, that's basically what I'm fucking saying. But it's true.

Nevertheless, I don't really agree with the idea that the film is "racist," per se, but I do think it deals with race in a way most films do: With a white male protagonist who learns to alter his ways by coming into contact with another ethnicity or culture. Is that an inherently racist premise? I don't think so. But hey, I'm just a brown girl with a white boyfriend ... you know, EXACTLY LIKE "Avatar."

I basically am Neytiri. Just saying.

3. In yet another retardedly offensive move, FOX News has signed Sarah Palin to be a commentator on their network.

I worry for America. But seriously, does this continue FOX News's track record of having douchey, un-knowledgeable "experts" espouse bigoted, under-developed ideas on politics? Yes. So am I surprised? No. Just filled with righteous indignation, that's all.

4. Apparently, if I'm chilling in Washington, D.C., and carrying more than three condoms in my pocket or purse, the cops can pick me up for prostitution. Now, I'm not saying I PLAN on carrying around a Trojan economy size pack of condoms or anything, but the fact that cops can just arrest me on the suspicion of trickin' is not cool. I know I post a lot of skanky clothes on this blog, but shit! I'm not trying to frump it up (well, more so than usually, that is) just to avoid getting picked up (pun intended) by the fuzz. I got better shit to do, like write in my blog - obviously.

4. In one of the only good pieces of news to come out of today, Nike is making shoes based specifically on one sweater Bill Cosby wore during an episode of "The Cosby Show."

Yup, that means the Cosby sweater will now be on people's feet. Specifically, my feet - as, soon, as, fucking, possible.

+ Photos courtesy of ABC News, SciFi Scoop, Sarah Palin Blog, Dr. Jays

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