Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dita > Michelle Tanner.

Now, there's one way to look like a crazy old lady, as done by Ashley Olsen at the Arts of Elysium gala Saturday -

- and then there's another way that makes me feel like Dita Von Teese just stopped by Michael's on her way to the event, bought a shit-ton of fake flowers cuz she thought they looked pretty and Super-Glued them on her sleeves in the car because she was bored and the drive was long and she already took care of her make-up beforehand.

That's just a guess, but I'm pretty sure it's accurate.

Oh, and also? Dita Von Teese's craziness is ALWAYS better than the Olsen twins. ALWAYS. Like, Ashley Olsen with purple lipstick? Annoying. Dita Von Teese with some cast-off from Elvira's closet? Baller. The woman used to sleep with Marilyn Manson and still survived! Bitch can do whatever she wants.

+ Photos courtesy of Dlisted

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