Friday, January 22, 2010

Long live Conan!

So tonight is the last night Conan will host "The Tonight Show," a reality that has depressed me all week. And I've grown even more depressed/pissed as the day has passed, because it seems like every single news item has been about Jay Leno. ... Seriously. Take a gander.

1. Boo, NBC faces a long road ahead of them in making new shows to fill the 10 p.m. slot, even though "Media watchers have welcomed the return of Leno to 'The Tonight Show.'" Umm, first, Reuters, way to make a Leno-loving claim that you then don't back up. And second, maybe if Leno wasn't SO FUCKING AWFUL, they could have planned their schedule better and not continuously blown him instead of created real ideas for programming. You know, like every other network.

2. Oprah is interviewing Leno next week, and supposedly made an offer to Conan too, but he hasn't confirmed. Why the fuck would he? It's pretty obvious what happened here, and I doubt he wants to go on a stupid talk show to rehash it. Plus, hasn't NBC put some rule in his pay-off that won't allow him to be interviewed about this? So, way to go, Oprah - of course, Leno will get his self-promoting bullshit out there, and Conan won't be available to defend himself. Cool.

3. And now it's been announced that Leno will give the key note address at the White House Correspondents Dinner. Yeah, I know this was probably confirmed months ago, but I don't care. He's still a douche who gets to bask in stealing back his own gig, which I find pretty reprehensible. Can Stephen Colbert go and heckle? We all know how good he is at that whole Correspondents Dinner gig.

So yeah, here's my thoughts:

Yup. About that simple. Is it 11:35 p.m. yet?

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