Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fuck that Auto-Tune, cuz it's on.

You know what I love about America? That Lil Wayne, who is going to jail in about a month, is still putting out music videos, like this one for "On Fire" -

- and this one for "Bed Rock," which is really by Young Money, a group of rappers associated with Lil Wayne and his record label, but still. He's in it, surrounded by women. Is there any other way?

But yeah, this kind of pop culture freedom is probably why the Middle East hates us. And like, who can blame them? Kanye West still exists.

Gross. I'm just going to go watch "On to the Next One" on repeat.

I know, Jay-Z's kind of an asshole and "Empire State of Mind" lost its charm pretty rapidly and definitely did not deserve to be No. 2 on Rolling Stone's list of best 25 songs of 2009. But I'm a sucker for Hova. What can I say? Hypocrisy for me is a good life choice.

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