Thursday, March 10, 2011

Things I'm torn about, part I.

OK, that title is misleading. I'm always torn about things. Should I buy everything from Illamasqua's Toxic Nature collection now, when it's only offered in Britain and therefore costs a shitton because our conversion rate into pounds sucks, OR wait until Sephora eventually carries it at hopefully cheaper prices? Should I eventually watch the HBO movie about Sarah Palin and John McCain, or will it just make me want to vomit all over my TV? And, should I really be reading these spoilers about the new season of "True Blood," therefore ruining my joy when it finally comes back in June?!@! Decisions, DECISIONS.

Anyway, here's some other stuff that has got me all rankled today. (P.S. Did you know "wrankles" are supposedly the wrinkles on a penis? Hey, it's what UrbanDictionary told me.)

1. These hearings from the House Homeland Security Committee on "radical Islam," organized by chairman Peter King (R-N.Y.). I don't really like talking about politics or religion because it inevitably becomes a screaming match full of ignorance and blatant bigotry, but reading the Post's recaps of what's happening is making me real emotional. It's tough to hear all these Muslims talking about how fucked up the country is and how torn they are regarding how much they have to defend themselves and their beliefs, and as the child of two Iranian Muslim immigrants I've been in some crappy situations before, so I understand the pain there. It's just sad. America makes me sad. Let's not forget that King is the same guy who said "There are too many mosques in this country," because, you know, that's fucking tolerant.

2. Changing subjects, apparently the world's youngest grandmother is 23. ROMANIA WHAT. I AM 23. The idea of an 11-year-old having a child is pretty insane - just like this story that the New York Times recently reported about an 11-year-old being gang-raped. (Jezebel says all the interviews in the story seemingly sympathize with the rapists, which is true, but I must say that quoting people who are biased doesn't necessarily make a story biased, people.) Anyway, if the U.S. made a TV show about the Romanian granny, they couldn't even call it "Teen Mom" - it would have to be "Tween Mom." And that just blew my mind.

3. Did anyone know that a Terp is going to be on the next season of "The Real World," the return to Las Vegas? I don't know who he is, but apparently we have a friend in common on Facebook, meaning I can grab this photo of him:

Wiki tells me Michael Ross, 23, "is a conservative" and "the president of the UMD Students against National Healthcare" group. MTV tells me he's a "beer pong pro, and all around nice guy" who has had to struggle with family hardship when his mother got sick with cancer. That sucks, I must admit. BUT I hope to watch all of his morals eventually chip away in Vegas, because that's what I hope happens to all douchey people who call themselves an "outspoken Libertartian." However, he can't have fun there. He just needs to have all his values shattered.

4. DUH, everyone by now knows that I worked for American Apparel and that founder Dov Charney is a raging perv. Well, now one of the girls who claims he raped her is suing for $250 million, and in case you need more reasons to think the guy is a jerk, here's a rundown of all his past transgressions. I say this while wearing an American Apparel hoodie. Don't judge me.

5. And lastly, I haven't fully gotten into "The Wire," making me a horrible fan of pop culture, but I do find it interesting that while everyone is reporting how Felicia "Snoop" Pearson from the show got arrested today for drugs in Baltimore, no one is remembering how she was on that episode of "No Reservations" where Anthony Bourdain went to Baltimore.

I dug up his blog post about that episode, which aired in '09, and it's an interesting read. Sad now in hindsight, but still good.

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  1. she WAS on that episode of anthony bourdain! and you're welcome for story numero quatro. DBK did a story on the MTV kid. your comments are pretty much on the money