Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hot and not.

Maybe this "Hot and Not" discussion will be a weekly thing, I don't know. But here's one good-looking person and not-good-looking person. It's pretty self-explanatory.

NOT: Pink, at the March 10 Los Angeles premiere of "The Lincoln Lawyer."

I know she's pregnant, so I can understand wearing a caftan because duh, it's comfy. Shit, I would wear caftans all the time if that were socially acceptable. Going to work? Caftan. Going to the bank? Caftan. Going to my brother's medical school graduation? Caftan. I'm lazy, if you couldn't tell.

But I really have to veto Pink's grey hair - I know she's had it for a couple years, since '08 - because I don't think a woman should be pregnant and also have grey hair. That raises all kinds of older-lady-with-baby-growing-inside-her visions, and since Pink isn't an AARP member, I would like her to go back to her namesake. Or black. Or blond. Something that just isn't terrible, you know? Something that doesn't remind me of the 2009 story of a pregnant 66-year-old, the oldest woman to give birth. Because, ew.

HOT: Jim Parrack, at the March 8 Los Angeles premiere of "Battle: Los Angeles."

I've pined ever since he started playing Hoyt on "True Blood," and his relationship with vampire Jessica (Deborah Ann Wall) is the only one I care about on the show. When they got back together last season, it was totally the best ...

... and if you know my affinity for white trash-looking dudes, you can understand my soft spot for the guy. See?

So here's the lesson: COME BACK TO ME, TRUE BLOOD. COME BACK. Dear June, arrive faster, thanks. And bring Hoyt's hotness with you.

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