Friday, March 11, 2011

Paris Fashion week, donezo.

This year's first Paris Fashion week, which showcases designers' autumn and winter collections, is donezo, which basically means nothing to most people (unless you've heard about Dior firing its head designer, John Galliano, for a video surfacing of him talking about how much he likes Hitler). I really only care because I love clothes (duh) and it's fun to look at all the shoes.

The Cut did a wrap-up of some of the shoes used in the week's various shows, and I picked out the ones I like AND the ones I'm guessing are going to show up on Lady Gaga any day now, because who the fuck else would wear designer couture shoes like it ain't no big thang? (She has her own shoe designer, by the way. So jealous.)

I am not approving of her insanity, by the way. Let that be clear. I'm JUST SAYING, I fully expect to see these in a video soon.

+ Alexander McQueen: Gaga has worn lots of the recently passed's designer's shoes before, like in the "Bad Romance" video, so she has to wear these, right?

+ Mugler: Those stilettos look like death. But I'm sure Gaga will wear them just to prove she can. Bitch!

+ Gareth Pugh: Because they are bondage-y. Gaga loves bondage-y.

Or Rihanna would wear them; she also flirted with that look back in the day and in the recent "S&M" video.

Remember? Oh and yeah she totally deserves to get sued for that video. Get your money David LaChapelle!

For little old me, however, I like these more. If I had drawers full of money I could just pull open and throw at people to get what I want, this is what I would want. And get.

+ Miu Miu: The heel looks like they would annihilate a person. But glitter! And shiny!

I've been somewhat obsessed with their shoes since I discovered the sparrow mary janes from the spring/summer 2010 collection. I would never dream of buying them because of their insanely expensive price tag, but I still covet them. Especially in black and pink.


+ Yves Saint Laurent: I like yellow. That's really the only reason.

+ Photos courtesy of The Cut,,

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