Friday, April 30, 2010

Cake + Batman = Good.

Today: Slightly better because I consumed thousands of calories (presumably) while eating a slice of honeybee cake from the Amish market. Thx for the good eats, fundamentalists.

So I was, of course, in a better mood to be able to delight in such joyous news:

1. The sequel to "The Dark Knight" finally has a release date, summer 2012. That's actually not so far away, and by that I mean, "Thank fucking God it's happening, I thought it never would, OMG block out my entire schedule in mid-July so I can see this movie over and over and over again." I'll probably cry because Heath Ledger is dead, but there's still something about how amazing the end of the movie is - when Commissioner Gordon is talking about how Batman isn't our hero - that gets me every time. Oh, how emotional I make trite entertainment-related things ...

2. Conan O'Brien is going to talk about everything that went down with Leno on "60 Minutes" this Sunday. Fuck yes! I've been waiting months for a whole story, and now I get it in news documentary format. Loving this combo of journalism and TV drama. If only Ed Bradley were still alive ...

Rest in peace, dude.

3. Speaking of Leno, though, how did I miss that he was hosting this year's White House Correspondents Dinner, which goes down this weekend? I had no fucking idea. Fuck that guy, though. Part of me really hopes he gets heckled by celebrities who finally realize he's just an asshole, but I think everyone is too politically correct to actually do so.

What a back-stabbing douche.

4. So apparently the Boy Scouts have now added a badge for video games. This is fucking awesome, and part of the reason we're all such fatasses. Here, be commended for learning about the video game ratings system, playing a parent- or teacher-approved game and creating a schedule that includes chores, homework and game playing! That just sounds like being a regular fucking kid who has parents, and I'm anti kids getting recognized for doing things that just make sense. We're not all special, OK? Tyler was right, and it's about time us obese motherfuckers realized it. I say this while typing on a laptop and drinking Diet Coke. After that huge piece of cake earlier. ... Yeah.

5. However, it's almost time for summer, which means time for mint juleps. I've never had one but I'm really interested in adding them to my busy summer regimen of watching TV shows on rerun, finally figuring out "Lost" and eating pints of sorbet, so thanks for the recipe, Derek M. Brown! Mm, alcohol. Making my life better since 2009.

+ Photos courtesy of Media Bistro, SF Gate

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