Saturday, April 17, 2010

God, James Cameron is SUCH a douche.

So the other day I was actually really pissed off at Sigourney Weaver for saying that the only reason Kathryn Bigelow and "The Hurt Locker" won at this year's Oscars were because she was a woman, which is such a fucking bizarre thing for Weaver to say. Sure, Weaver kind of owes her film career to James Cameron and the "Alien" franchise (them then) ...

and she was in "Avatar" (them now).

But ... she's ALSO A WOMAN. So I don't get the seemingly hypocritical haterade. However, I similarly don't get why Cameron thinks it's OK to help out an Amazon tribe's fight against some huge dam, when his only experience with environmentalism is copying "Fern Gully." So now he's a huge environmentalist or whatever, but you know what also comes out right about now?

Yup, "Avatar" on DVD - on fucking Earth Day, no less. I'm not saying he's an entirely heartless, press-loving opportunist. But I am saying he has impeccable timing, no? (Sarcasm. Sense the sarcasm.)

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  1. still haven't seen Avatar.

    and now its pretty much become my personal boycott NOT to see it.

    I've already seen Fern Gully, LOVED it. I saw Titanic, LOVED that...but I didnt realize now as I am older that J. Cameron is such a douche bag. And I cant believe this weird-ass looking movie did so well. So for very superficial reason I refuse to see it. Looks dumb.