Sunday, April 18, 2010

Inappropriate humor, death, the usual.

You know, every now and then I'm kind of amazed by how long it takes mainstream media outlets to pick up on obvious trends. Like, this story The Washington Post did on web-only television shows, including "Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis." Granted, I would only know about this show because of my boyfriend. But still! He told me about this like, months ago! So why is the Post just writing about this show, and the entire trend, now? I don't know, it just seems desperately dated.

This, however, will always be funny.

Things that aren't so funny, though?

1. That drinking by teenage girls can lead to a higher risk of breast cancer later. I didn't drink until 21 because I'm fucking lame, but like, practically everyone else I know in the world has been sipping on sizzurp for years. So ... good to know some of those people will be dead. Thanks, science!

2. Rolling Stone is going to start charging for their archives online, with like, a $30 annual fee. (Fun fact: one of the kids I worked with at my college paper wrote this story for the AP. I guess I'm jealous.) The New York Times had talked about beginning to charge for their online access, and I understand that journalism needs money to survive, but I'm not sure exactly how many millions of people will pay for this in order to make it a profit. Plus, you could argue Rolling Stone is kind of irrelevant now anyway, right? Didn't it take a year for them to put someone as obnoxious as Lady Gaga on the cover? ... Yeah.

3. South Korea has the highest suicide rate now in the industrialized world, which has been mainly fueled by celebrities taking their own lives and spawning thousands of copy-cat deaths. Fucking insanity. The numbers in that story are just ... well, depressing.

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