Sunday, April 18, 2010

Don't fuck with me! I have accessories!

After fashion designer Alexander McQueen killed himself in February, there was a rash of celebrities wearing his designs everywhere to honor his memory (GoFugYourself commented on how Salma Hayek, Lily Cole and Anna Paquin have recently worn his dresses), and sales of his clothes exploded. Now, while I spend a lot of money on dumb shit, I don't really have the dough to afford his clothes or accessories. But if I did, I would probably buy this.

Four-ring Knuckleduster by Alexander McQueen, $429
(also available at Saks Fifth Avenue in both gold and the below silver, but for $550)

Yup, they're all attached.

Would I ever punch someone in the face with it? Probably not. But if I did, it would FUCK YOU UP. Fear me! I crave street cred SO BADLY!

+ Photos courtesy of FarFetch

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