Saturday, April 3, 2010

My generation sucks, the economy sucks, etc.

So I have to go see "Clash of the Titans" in 3-D later today. And while I'm vaguely excited about it because I love seeing movies, I'm not entirely jazzed because everyone has been buzzing about how the movie's 3-D sucks. Like, sure, random people The New York Times talked to have said they didn't notice a difference. But I'm just anal enough that I'm sure I'll notice problems with it and then grow to hate myself for seeing the flick. And lastly, may I just say that Sam Worthington's charm is wearing off?

Like, couldn't you shave before attending the March 31 Los Angeles premiere of your own movie? I guess that's too much to ask.

In other things that are too much to ask:

1. Guessing that Kal Penn would stay working for Obama's administration. Nope, after not even a year, he's leaving to go back to films, including a "Harold and Kumar" Christmas-themed movie. I guess that whole change thing has worn off.

2. For my generation to have any ambition whatsoever. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, people my age don't have any interest in a solid work ethic or being defined by their profession or career. Instead, we're just defined by pop culture and technology. Yes, it all seems very superficial, but why is anyone surprised? Most of us aren't getting jobs that are worthy of us, and the jobs we are getting are shitty and basically underemployment. Why the fuck would we be defined by our work ethic when our shitty economy isn't even allowing for that?

3. And lastly, that people would realize unpaid internships are basically like slave labor and shouldn't continue anymore. Oops, unpaid internships are actually on the rise, since so many companies just don't have enough money. Can someone fix the goddamn economy!? I've been contributing by boosting my shoe closet, but apparently that's not good enough. I'M NOT MADE OF MONEY, YOU KNOW.

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  1. And all these statements are so true.

    And I hate that ALL movies are in 3D. I can't stand that shit. It just gets my adrenaline pumping when I see a movie in 3D, I know that's really fucking lame....but images popping out at me...SCARE. ME.

    And this technology needs a break. Or else it's just gonna be some fad and it won't ever be used again because everyone got sick of it, or maybe that's EXACTLY what I want to happen...