Saturday, April 3, 2010

This is an improvement to Tim Burton's travesty.

So Tarina Tarantino is this fashion designer who makes crazy jewelry and accessories, mostly plastic, that deal with whatever: Skulls, flowers, Abe Lincoln, etc. She just launched a new make-up line at Sephora (yes, I bought some of it), and also a new Acid Alice collection. I love original "Alice in Wonderland" and I think drug-saturated images are funny, so ... I'm OK with this.

Nevertheless, her shit is really expensive. So I would want these, but like, no, I'm never going to buy them. $125 for a plastic bracelet? Yeah, OK. (I'm laughing maniacally. Don't know if you can tell that through a computer screen.)

+ Photos courtesy of Tarina Tarantino

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