Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pretty Hate Machine.

This whole "actors with bands" thing has always been around, and in a way, it makes sense. You're making money as an actor, and people already worship you for your talent and good looks. So why not transpose that into another pop-culture-related career by grabbing a mic and practicing those pipes?

Well, more often than not, those hybrids are distressingly awful, and for every Jack Black (Tenacious D = good), there's a Bruce Willis (The Bruce Willis Blues Band = crappy). Now, it looks like "Gossip Girl" castmate (using the word "star" here would be not accurate) Taylor Momsen is joining the ranks of the evil, thanks to her recently formed band The Pretty Reckless.

Yes, that's her, getting all Courtney Love on stage for her own 16th birthday party at the Maritime Hotel in New York City. And yes, this is also her, sounding all ear-bleedingly bad on some song called "Blender."

Dear god, let "Gossip Girl" kill her off already. Like, get the actual Gossip Girl to murder her. It would be a solid, "Dexter"-esque plot twist.

+ Photo courtesy of The Washington Post

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