Thursday, July 30, 2009

Copycat say what?

Forever 21 never ceases to amaze me, both in exceedingly bad ways and in surprisingly good. Let's go with the crappy first:

This stuff gets the "super-fug-gross-ew" reaction: (Spiral Floral Trim Dress, $27.80; X-Posed Denim Dress, $19.80; Wild Floral Maxi Dress, $22.80)

While here's the "that's-cute-double-take-business-casual?-sure" stuff: (Ruffle Sleeve Dress, $39; Satin Chiffon Ruffle Dress, $24.80; Evangeline Dress, $29.80)

I'm guessing creators Do-Won and Jin Sook Chang only design well when they're knocking people off? I wouldn't be surprised, unfortunately.

+ Photos courtesy of Forever 21

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