Thursday, July 30, 2009


The Washington Post has a fine fashion/culture writer/editor in Robin Givhan, a woman so blunt in her opinions that she basically sucker-punched Hillary Clinton in the face by tearing apart her choice of a V-neck blouse ("unnerving" and "startling" were Givhan's best adjectives, I think) back in 2007, when the now-Secretary of State was a then-Senator chatting up higher education initiatives. When Givhan deemed spotting Clinton's cleavage as a voyeuristic activity, I couldn't help but agree - I'm fine with seeing the girls on display, but not when it's not on the Senate floor, and definitely not when it's Clinton.

But aside from Givhan, the Post doesn't stray too far from the norm when it comes to following fashion. Sure, the Style section admirably documents annual fashion weeks and covered the "Project Runway" move to Lifetime like it was one of the biggest disappointments in cable TV history, but their advice on current fashion trends isn't that jaw-dropping. They usually take the conservative route, and that's understandable when you think of the Post's readers - for example, their latest piece about mixing sequins into your wardrobe makes sure the young, urban professionals and established Washington-ites who read the paper don't end up pulling a Gaga. It's solid, practical advice - it's just not very exciting.

And neither are the Post's favorite picks - a $398 bag from Coach and a $68 bangle from Anthropologie both seem unreasonably overpriced, and while the sequined Converse sneakers are cute, they're also $90. Jigga what?

So instead, I gathered my five favorite sequin-happy items that won't rape your pocket too hard. Or, you can bust out the Bedazzler and do-it-yourself. Whatever.

+ Forever 21 "Eclectic Sequin Earring," $8.80

Yeah, so these are basically knock-offs of the earrings Beyonce wears in the "Sweet Dreams" video, when she's got on that spangly silver dress. But they're $9. That's less than Alexander Hamilton!

+ Toms Sequin Slip-Ons, $54

A pair of slip-on canvas sneakers with glittery spangles for $54 is not cheap. But doesn't the humanitarian in you want to give some underprivileged kid a pair of shoes just as cute as yours? Buy a pair of Toms and the company will give a pair away for free, and that should warm your recession-hardened heart.

+ TopShop USA Sequin Shoulder Bodycon Dress; $90

Straightforward, simple and with just enough old-school glamor. A little pricey, but it's TopShop - which means better quality than Forever 21, and also that it won't be worn by like 73 13-year-olds at their next middle school dance. Oh, and it's definitely better than the hot pants.

+ Express Racerback Sequin Tank, $24

Pretty similar to what the Post found at South Moon Under, but cheaper, and more colors. A basic, necessary staple.

+ ModCloth Razz Matazz Dress, $59.99

Flirty with tons of subtle sparkle. Pair with flats and it's cute for summer; add a cardigan or a hoody and you've got edge into fall.

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