Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nice Guys Finish Last.

OK, so Jimmy Fallon isn't a nice guy. He's actually kind of a douchebag who used to giggle through all of his skits on "SNL" and totally ruined it for those of us who weren't amused by his perpetual smugness. And it probably sucked for Tina Fey, too, cuz she had to carry Weekend Update while he smirked like a masturbating schoolboy. Oh well, "Taxi" sucked a big one and Fey's laughing last with "30 Rock;" the gods heard our pleas.

But either way, it does kind of suck for Fallon that his months of campaigning for this ...

actually turned into this ...

What's the deal, People? Why so coy? Upgrade: editing Screech/Dustin Diamond out of the cast photo, so the cover without him isn't as obvious. Downgrade: Taking credit for an idea that a C-grade late-night talk-show host has been pushing for months. That's just embarrassing.

+ Photos courtesy of AOL News and, respectively.

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