Friday, December 18, 2009

Trying to get back in business.

So I've been gone two weeks. My day job has started kicking my ass; my other writing on the side has been overwhelming; I have since ignored my blog. But no more - I'm going to really try and update this thing as often as I used to, with a better mix of music/celebrity/clothes. So I'll start off with a few things today that work well in all those fronts:

1. Rihanna's new music video for "Hard" is one of the most absurd things I've ever seen, and by that I mean, it's kind of boring and stupid and has this really uncomfortably military vibe which I just can't get behind. Why is there Arabic on the walls? Why is her misspelled Arabic tattoo so visible? Why is Young Jeezy pretending to be a soldier? Ugh fail, even though some of the outfits are so stupid that I love them (ahem, spiked shoulders).

2. In Robert Downey Jr. news, the "Iron Man 2" trailer leaked, and while I didn't see the first one because I cared to stray away from its huge YAY AMERICA YAY message, I may have to see this. Mainly because Mickey Rourke with metallic whip arms is hilarious.

Oh and I find myself strangely attracted to RDJ. Especially when he looks like this on the red carpet:

P.S. Why was Blake Lively invited to that event? And why did she wear this Frederick's of Hollywood outfit there? So confusing.

P.P.S. Jonny Lee Miller was there too, even though he's not in the movie, either.

However, "Hackers" has been on HBO all week ...

... and OF COURSE I've watched it like four times by now, so I figure it's worth a mention.

3. Here's Shakira and her dude, Antonio de la Rua, out and about. They've been dating for about a decade now. I'm not OK with this. She could definitely upgrade. He looks kind of paunchy? Just a thought.

4. Designer Brian Lichtenberg, this guy,

is mass-making these one-shoulder dresses that Kim Kardashian wore to a few red-carpet events a couple of months ago and during her birthday (this one).

However, I would like this specific one.

Does anyone have $320 I could borrow? Steal? Whichever. I'm not picky.

5. That awful movie "Fear" was just on HBO, and now "The Departed" is on FX. Oh Mark Wahlberg. Your dirty Boston self invades my dreams. Delicious.

+ Photos courtesy of OMG! Yahoo, Coffee and Code, Karmaloop, Photokat

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