Thursday, December 3, 2009

Some newz, some thangz.

So because I've spent four hours so far at work today doing absolutely nothing, it's time for a daily news round-up. Mainly so I don't get bored enough to start playing with fire or something.

1. Iran moves to ban allowing women to wear make-up during television broadcasts. You know, cuz lipgloss is really what's holding Iran back from worldwide domination. Ugh, religion is the WORST. Way to make me embarrassed for my country, clerics.

2. Grammy nods are out: Beyonce has 10 nominations ...

P.S. Though I am using this picture from "Video Phone," I find the "Reservoir Dogs"-referencing intro offensive to people that actually like "Reservoir Dogs." That is all.

... Taylor Swift has eight, some other people have some other ones. I just really don't care about the Grammys anymore - does anyone? They seem like the latest awards show in terms of recognizing what's hip/trendy/being listened to, and if you look at the full nominee list, you'll see what I'm talking about. Basically, YAWN.

3. The Washington Post wrote this feature about this British artist, Willard Wigan, who makes sculptures so tiny they can fit in the eye of a needle - like, literally.

Probably one of the most interesting arts stories I've read in a while, AND, the pictures are pretty. That's essentially all the mental stimulation I need.

4. ABC nixes yet another performance from the hip-thrustingly-gay Adam Lambert in fears that he'll recreate the male-orgy that was his performance at the American Music Awards recently. Is this really necessary? ABC is the same channel that showed "The Drew Carey Show" for years on end. I'm pretty sure Carey's COMPLETE UNFUNINESS is way more offensive to people than some homoeroticism. Or maybe I'm just underestimating the bigotry in America. Whichever.

5. Kristin from "The Hills" admits that her maybe-relationship with Justin Bobby wasn't "romantic."

How is that even possible? He drove to Las Vegas for her! Oh contrived reality television shows. You make me happy.

+ Photos courtesy of Blogspot, Wordpress, MTV

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