Friday, December 4, 2009

How much do you think Kel weeps over his career?

Also, I keep watching this. I'm not sure why, because it's not THAT hilarious? But it's funny enough for a couple of viewings and I'm bored at work.

Plus, this week's SNL is hosted by Blake Lively, with performances from Rihanna. Given Rihanna's penchant for wearing things like this ...

... and this ...

... I'm down for watching and hoping for some Janet Jackson-like waldrobe malfunctions.

I will not, however, be tuning into Chris Brown's interview on "20/20" tonight. Honestly, I just don't give a fuck about what he has to say anymore - he's done so much damage-control that I'd rather people just refuse to interview him any longer. Like, I can understand journalistic integrity and objectivity and wanting to give everyone a chance to tell their side of the story, but like, shit. Just let it go! At this point, we're just going to drag the damn story out forever.

/End rant.

+ Photos courtesy of OMG! Yahoo

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