Thursday, November 5, 2009

Germany, you so crazy.

So the MTV Europe Music Video Awards in Berlin are apparently happening right now; if you're really pressed, you can follow what's happening on the show's live blog.

But I don't really care about who wins or loses, because I don't really give a shit about what Europeans think. I do, however, care about what people look like while attending this thing. So here, have some quick thoughts:

+ Does Katy Perry only clean up nice when she's hosting an event or something? Because she actually looks quite pretty here. I'm shocked.

+ Are we COMPLETELY SURE that the lead singer of Tokio Hotel, Bill Kaulitz (the one with the weird mohawk thing), is a dude? Because he's REALLY making a strong case against himself.

+ Pete Wentz ... is just awful. So awful. Can Ashlee Simpson take away his make-up already? Cure him of this crack-like addiction? That'd be great.

+ Why is the Hoff wearing a sequined blazer? ...

+ ... And why does he match with Leona Lewis's similarly sequined capri pants and corset belt? Germany does weird things to people's fashion sense, man.

+ Photos courtesy of Monsters and Critics

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