Wednesday, November 25, 2009


OH, pictures.

Sometimes, you, friends, really are ...

... worth 1,000 words of verbal vomit.

I feel like these travesties of nature (Jeffrey Campbell's Obscene boots, $250 at Karmaloop) being burned into my brain on the day before Thanksgiving has truly filled me with revulsion toward both food AND shoes. Congratulations, Internet. I never thought that could be done. I SEE I HAVE MET MY MATCH.

P.S. Nevertheless, thanks for hooking me up with a picture of Rihanna at some in-store event where I can see both her boobs and underwear (through a wonderfully absurd dress, I might add), even though you and I are engaged in a bitter war right now.

I see that you, as the all-knowing World Wide Web, are smart enough to realize that nudity > everything else.

+ Photos courtesy of Karmaloop, GoFugYourself

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