Sunday, May 2, 2010

Things I like, round-up edition.

It's Sunday night, I have to go back to work tomorrow, yet another five days of my life will pass by, etc. To help ease that transition, here are a few things I'm psyched about. Literally, ecstatic. JUMPING OFF THE WALLS.

OK, not jumping off the walls. But still pretty excited. Rebounding off the walls? That still makes me sound crazy. ... Fuck it, this has gone on too long.

1. New stills from "Tron Legacy" have been released. I'm specifically feeling this one.

If this movie sucks, Disney will pay. You may think I'm joking, but I could know people. I am brown, after all.

2. Alec Baldwin says he will host the season finale of "SNL." This isn't too surprising because he's hosted the show a million times before, but he gets funnier every time I watch "30 Rock," so this sounds good to me. Plus, any host is better than Gabourey Sidibe.

Seriously. So unfunny.

3. Conan O'Brien continues to be a folk hero with his appearance on "60 Minutes" tonight, which wasn't too heart attack-causing - he doesn't like, tell Jay Leno to eat a dick or anything - but it was both depressing to see him seem so broken (I think it's the beard) and yet pleasing because he's still funny and witty and charming. Here's a write-up with some quotes; interview in two clips in HD below.

4. lists some of the weirdest new food products and accessories out there, and some things on the list really sound awesome. I knew about brown Kumato tomatoes already, but alcohol-laced whipped cream? Edible spray paint? If I cooked, I would be way more excited about this stuff, but for now, my happiness level seems appropriate for a person who only knows how to microwave frozen dinners. I don't even know how to use a toaster oven. ... Yeah. :-/

5. I learned today that all those nail polish colors I've wanted from Chanel - Jade, Particuliere - are online at Chanel's own website, which you can buy stuff from directly. How did I not know this?! For months I've been trolling eBay, hating on assholes who are trying to sell these bottles of nail polish for as much as $70 each. Fuck that! Those days are over! Plus, those temporary tattoos Chanel made last season?

Yup, the website has those too. There goes my next paycheck. I EVEN HAVE REAL TATTOOS AND YET I WANT THESE. God, I'm awful.

6. Urban Outfitters has very "Marie Antoinette"-like furniture that I would totally be buying if all I had to do all day was, much like Kristen Dunst does in that movie, eat pastries and buy shoes. I mean, I do those things anyway? But like, while "working." So ... a lime green couch and frilly chair don't seem that reasonable.

Nevertheless, I lust.

7. And lastly, is it creepy to still be obsessed with Roald Dahl after all these years? No? OK, good.

+ Photos courtesy of Yahoo Movies, On Sugar, Urban Outfitters, Delias

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