Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Heterosexual crushes are healthy and normal; what else is a bromance, anyway?

So I'm developing quite a girl-crush on Michelle Williams, and I just thought the world should be aware. Yes, I watched "Dawson's Creek," and yes, I wanted both her dress and her life when she was with Heath Ledger and they went to the Oscars together.

But since his death, she seems to be coping nicely and raising their daughter Matilda pretty lovingly - how fast Matilda has grown up has really thrown me off; here's them in 2009.

But anyway, Williams is starring in a movie with Ryan Gosling way later this year, "Blue Valentine," and is showing up to events looking like this (while promoting the film at Cannes Film Festival this past week):

And this (at the amFAR Cinema Against AIDS Gala, also at Cannes):

I'd like that haircut, those dresses and shoes and the affectionate embrace she seems to be sharing with Gosling, please (they're not dating, but still). Plus, the kind of strength to go through what happened with Ledger and keep on living is also pretty respectable. Props, lady. Especially when hot messes like Lindsay Lohan are still on the loose. Bitch is crazy! Williams is not. It's refreshing, I promise.

+ Photos courtesy of Zimbio, OMG! Yahoo, GoFugYourself

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