Saturday, February 20, 2010


So I made my boyfriend watch "The Departed" for the first time last night, and he didn't like it. We already argued over why he couldn't get down with what I consider one of Martin Scorsese's best works, but whatever. No matter. All I'm currently concerned with is the depths of Leonardo DiCaprio's hotness, which I saw in "Shutter Island" Thursday night and all over the Internet recently.

Exhibit A: Leo looking dapper at the NY premiere of "Shutter Island." I'm liking the tan. I'll overlook the bloat. Don't care, I can sympathize!

Exhibit B: So gracious when interacting with Scorsese at the Giorgio Armani event honoring the director! So polite! So charming! I'm a big fan of manners. And being caressed lovingly by the former Jack Dawson.

Exhibit C: At the Berlin Film Festival, is that a sly smile, hinting at some kind of secret that only we would share? Erotic.

P.S. Uhhh, why was Robert Buckley from "One Tree Hill" at the NY premiere of "Shutter Island?" I don't understand. If someone as un-famous as him is getting invited to these events, WHY CAN'T I? Fuck your velvet rope!

P.S.S. Is the jacket Ben Kingsley wore to the Berlin Film Festival ... sequined at the bottom? Only such an awesome man could pull that shit off.

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