Thursday, February 11, 2010

Men with facial hair are often better than not.

I feel like hipsters have stolen mustaches and beards, but I don't care. I find this picture from the Los Angeles premiere of "The Wolfman" totally charming.

Don't you feel like Anthony Hopkins and Hugo Weaving just compliment each other on their facial hair all day?

ANTHONY: Hugo, you look smashing.
HUGO: No, Anthony, YOU look dashing.
ANTHONY: Dashing?
HUGO: Smashing!
IN UNISON: We're English!

OK, seriously. Cabin fever. ALL OVER THE PLACE. Anyway, Benicio del Toro was there, too.

Suspiciously clean-shaven, though. I'm guessing he's not in the beards-r-coolzies club.

+ Photo courtesy of OMG! Yahoo

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